Pride/Happy Small Cups


Collection of beautifully speckled small cups in celebration of joy, identity and representation with colors. 

As a designer, I wanted to create a collection that showcased array of colors but still remained true to my minimal design aesthetic. Regardless of what this collection represents to someone, I wanted to create items that were memorable and fun in any home and space for everyone to enjoy. 

Also available in a Daily Mug size (12 oz)


Small Cup Details (Approx): 

• 9oz

• Size: 3" Diameter x 3" Height

• Finish: Glossy Finish




This cup is in production currently and will be on reserve per your order as soon as possible. Completion timeframe for this specific cup is generally 2-4 weeks depending on production status. Specific date for availability will be confirmed following your order. Thank you very much for your patience and I'm SOO excited for you to receive your cup(s) soon!!