Hanbok - Mini Pot + Airplant



Inspired by the traditional Korean clothing called Hanbok, these Mini Pots with live Airplant can be placed anywhere to brighten any space. 


Mini Pot Details (Approx): 

• Size: 3" Diameter x 3.5-3.75" Height

• Finish: Matte Finish

Live Airplant included




There are many different ways to care for your airplant. Below is one method:

LIGHT - If you're keeping your plant(s) indoors, place your plant(s) 3-5 feet of a window/light source. No direct light. If outdoors, keep your plant(s) in shade away from full sun.

WATER - Soak your plant in water for 1-2 hours per week (don’t use distilled/artificially softened water). After soaking, gently shake any excess water off the base of the plant(s) as any sitting water can cause rot and damage/kill the plant(s). Turn it upside down and place it on a towel in a bright space to fully dry before placing your plant(s) back into its pot. Never let your plant(s) sit in water for prolonged period of time.




This mug is in production currently and will be on reserve per your order as soon as possible. Completion timeframe for this specific mug is generally 1-3.5 weeks depending on production status. Specific date for availability will be confirmed following your order. Thank you very much for your patience and I'm SOO excited for you to receive your mug(s) soon!!