Earthware - Large Planter


A classic, bold beauty with marbled layers for your medium to large greenery! A great addition to your home or office decor!

Each planter is wheel-thrown and uniquely different in pattern. The variations achieved with this making technique adds to the charm of this collection. 

Also available in a Medium Planter (5" Diameter x 4.5" Height)

Planter Details (Approx): 

• Size: 6.5" Diameter x 6" Height

• Finish: Exterior - Matte, Textured Finish / Interior - Glossy Finish

Drain hole and drain dish included




This planter is made-to-order. Completion timeframe for this planter is generally 3-4 weeks but a more accurate date will be confirmed following your order. Thank you very much for your patience and I'm SOO excited for you to receive your planter(s) soon!!